Welcome to Ripsaw®, the place where you take control of the most important aspects of your financial life! Ripsaw® is a user-friendly set of tools for do-it-yourself, efficient wealth management. It is also a device to monitor your investment advisor. Ripsaw's mission is to provide independent screening and evaluation tools to manage your wealth. Thats it! We will not sell your data ever or influence you.

Ripsaw® Portfolio Wealth Mangement Flow

First, Ripsaw® aggregates all your assets and liabilities into an online, auto-updated balance sheet that calculates the net worth that is the focus of your wealth portfolio.

Second, Ripsaw® accesses relevant data for the assessment of the risk-return characteristics on each asset and liability in your balance sheet.

Third, Ripsaw® aggregates these individual dimensions and their interactions into a wealth portfolio dashboard.

Fourth, Ripsaw’s wealth portfolio dashboard contains a comparison of risk-return characteristics with your custom benchmark for portfolio monitoring.

Fifth, Ripsaw’s revision mode provides the opportunity to examine the effects on your wealth portfolio risk-return dimensions from changes in the amount invested in each of your existing securities as well as the addition of investment alternatives.

Note that Ripsaw® does not execute trades for you. Ripsaw® does not have any control of your accounts. It only accesses information relevant to constructing your wealth portfolio. Ripsaw® contains a set of tools to help you make independent informed decisions in your own best interests. Once you are comfortable with a set of portfolio revision decisions in Ripsaw®, you execute those trade decisions with your financial institutions. Then go back to Ripsaw® and refresh your balance sheet to see the results.

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